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Organic Yerba Mate - Tasting Set

Organic Yerba Mate - Tasting Set

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This set is ideal to give to two yerba fanatics who love drinking the traditional infusion. This set is also perfect for the person who loves everything about tea and would enjoy making infusions.
Tasting Set includes

- 1 bag (220g) of Original (100% Yerba Mate)

- 1 bag (220g) of Menta (Mint) 

- 1 bag (220g) of Citrus (Lemon & Orange)

- 1 bag (220g) of Euforia (Hibiscus & Berries)

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About Our Yerba Mate

Original (100% Yerba Mate)

Classic Argentina Yerba Mate. 100% air-dried leaves that offer a light taste with vegetal and fruity notes. Cultivated by a farmer family of northeastern Argentina that practices an environmentally friendly and 100% organic agriculture. 

Citrus (Lemon & Orange)

The refreshing morning pick-me-up that joins the juicy flavour of citrus fruits to the mellow energy boost of mate. Perfect for iced infusions on hot summer days. A blend of mate, orange peel, lemon essential oil extract natural orange and lemon flavours, and spearmint. 

Menta (Mint)

A light but powerful infusion! It's got the freshness of a mint tisane and the boosting effect of an espresso. Definitely our lightest blend so if you like your mate subtle and refreshing, you're at the right place! A blend of Yerba Mate, spearmint & peppermint.

Euforia (Hibiscus & Berries)

This is a big deal! This blend combines the bittersweet taste of hibiscus with the sweet flavour of wild Canadian berries. All the power of Yerba Mate in an infusion that recalls the Canadian boreal forest. A blend of mate, hibiscus flower, elderberry, peppermint and organic blueberry and raspberry flavours.

  • Organic

  • Non GMO

  • Fairly Traded

  • Vegan

  • Smoke Free

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