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Mixed Pack - Energy Infusion


All the benefits and balanced energy of Yerba Mate in a refreshingnon-sparkling, and lightly sweetened ready-to-drink.

To prepare this liquid goodness, we keep it simple! We infuse the best organic yerba mate leaves, add nothing but legit ingredients and a pinch of organic cane sugar to balance everything. Allowing you to enjoy all benefits of yerba mate in a simple, delicious, and efficient way.

Enjoy our 4 flavours with this mixed pack which contains: Original Lemon, Peach Passion, Hibiscus Berries, and Grapefruit Guava.


Available in 12 and 24 pack*

*Monthly subscription available on 24 packs only. Get 10% off & free shipping. This offer cannot be combined with another promotion.


Shipped in a 100% eco-friendly packaging

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada


✓ Organic
✓ 8 g of sugar per can 
✓ Non GMO 
✓ Vegan 
✓ Fairly traded
✓ From responsible agriculture

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Mixed Pack - Energy Infusion